Skyye brings the world to your doorstep with global cuisines to excite your taste buds like never before. Choose a style and you will find offerings from pan-Asia, Europe, South America & the Middle East to appeal to your mood of the moment. Skyye chefs have engineered the menu--- be it starters, main course & platters or dessert--- to ensure all offerings are Uber delectable. Sample some of the favorites on our menu - Mushroom Chestnut Dimsums, Steamed Pork Stuffed Rice Paper Cigar Rolls, Char Grilled Lamb Kobideh Kebabs, Malaya Curry served with rice in Bamboo Shoots, Middle Eastern Kharoof Mahashish and you will know why our menu is the hottest in town. Top off your meal with heavenly desserts such as Tanqueray 10 based Orange Lemon Cheese Cakes, Kahlua-spiked Hazelnut Chocolate Cake, all having some of the best liqueurs from our bar as the base for a complete dining experience.

No matter what your liquor of choice, Skyye has an Uber selection for you to choose from. You will find super cocktails dreamt up by our Bar Team that we call SkyyeOvations. At Skyye, you will find top shelf choices in liquor from around the world: Single Malts, Scotch Whiskies, Vodka, Gin, Wines, Beer and Cocktails- whether classic favorites or Skyye specials. Skyye Signature cocktails are on offer in two exciting ranges - "Skyye–o-Tinis" and "Long Night Skyye" - which are made out of innovative combinations of liquors, liqueurs, herbs, fruits and juices. Pamper yourself with the perfect beverage and complete your experience at Skyye.